The charity that saves lives at sea...and on the Thames

lifeboat station

Tower RNLI 'patch'

We have 16 bridges on our patch.  From East to West, they are:

  • Tower

  • London

  • Cannon Street rail

  • Southwark

  • Millennium

  • Blackfriars rail

  • Blackfriars road

  • Waterloo

  • Charing Cross (incorporating Hungerford and Golden Jubilee footbridges)

  • Westminster

  • Lambeth

  • Vauxhall

  • Grosvenor rail (sometimes called Victoria rail)

  • Chelsea

  • Albert

  • Battersea road

Flanking stations

The two lifeboat stations covering the water either side of us also have crew on station 24/7.


Chiswick is upstream and also has an E-class lifeboat - www.chiswicklifeboat.org.uk


Gravesend is downstream and has a B-class Atlantic lifeboat - www.gravesendrnli.org




River traffic

There are a number of piers in our patch of the Thames.  The busiest ones from East to West, are:

  • QEII (for the 02)

  • Greenwich

  • St Katharine's

  • Tower

  • Embankment

  • Westminster


There are also some smaller piers including:

  • Bankside

  • Blackfriars

  • Festival

  • Lambeth

  • Greenland

  • Masthouse Terrace

  • Woolwich Ferry Terminals

The Thames is a busy river, used by many vessels including pleasure and commuter boats, waste disposal boats and cargo vessels.


The whole of the tidal Thames is governed by the Port of London Authority and you can see their by-laws here.


City Cruises operates solely within our patch of the Thames and carries 2.5million passengers a year, with Clippers carrying around 13,000 people a day.