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lifeboat station

The lifeboat crew at Tower is made up of 55 volunteers and 10 full time, employed, crew.


To run the lifeboat, we must have at least three crew but will generally aim to have four crew made up of two of our full timers and two volunteers.


To make sure we can leave the station within 90 seconds of an emergency call coming in, our crew have to be on station for the whole of their 12 hour shift.  Day shifts start by 7am and the night shift takes over at 7pm.


We have a bunk room so the on-duty night shift can try and get some sleep, after their training and before heading back to their day jobs, but emergency calls regularly come in during the small hours of the morning and the boat still has to be launched in 90 seconds.


The men and women of Tower lifeboat crew have a wide and varied selection of day jobs including firecrew, TV producer, Yeoman Warder, nurse, student, banker, civil servant....  What they have in common is a dedication to their role in the RNLI and a willingness to do at least two 12 hour shifts every month, night and day.

Our crew members

Joining the crew

There is always a high level of interest in joining the lifeboat crew and often a lengthy wait to be considered.


If you think you have what it takes to be part of the crew, then email our Station Manager with some information about yourself.


You don't have to be lifeboat crew to play an important role in the RNLI.  Without the hard work of many others - from fundraisers, visits coordinators and press officers to beach lifeguards, coastal safety advisers and education presenter - the lifeboat crews wouldn't be able to do their job.  So, whatever your background and skills, if you want to get involved, let us know.

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