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By towerrnli, Apr 8 2018 12:53PM

Just before 2am on Monday 19th February 2018, 3 RNLI crew members were called to the City of London after a member of crew onboard a dredger which had been discharging sand at Murphy’s Wharf, suffered a suspected heart attack.

The lifeboat arrived on scene and was shown to the ship’s mess room where the casualty was situated. On assessment he displayed all the signs of having suffered a heart attack and the ship’s crew had already administered a GTN spray and aspirin. The lifeboat crew stayed with and monitored him until the London Ambulance Service (LAS) arrived.

Due to the difficulty of getting him ashore from the ship, it was decided that the man would be taken on board the lifeboat and was transported to Barrier Garden’s Pier to meet the LAS.

By towerrnli, Apr 8 2018 12:29PM

During the morning of Saturday 17th February 2018, the lifeboat crew were tasked to a report of a woman in the water having jumped from Embankment Pier.

4 crew members attended and arrived on scene at extremely low water to find the woman behind the pier on the mud. The lifeboat could not get closer than approximately 20 metres to her but, luckily, a couple of workers from the Thames Tideway construction site above Charing Cross Railway Bridge got a small tender underway. They were able to get in close enough to pass an oar to the woman, which she held on to and pulled herself over the mud.

As a joint effort, the RNLI crew then asked the Tideway workers if they could take the woman to the Lifeboat Pier, which they did before helping our crew get her into the casualty care room on the pier.

The woman was in a very distressed state but, fortunately, she did not have any significant injuries as the mud had softened her landing on the shore. Shortly after, the London Ambulance Service arrived and they continued to treat her on the pier before taking her up to the ambulance.

To find out more about staying safe in and around the water, visit the RNLI’s Respect the Water campaign pages at www.rnli.org/respectthewater or search #RespectTheWater on social media.

By towerrnli, Jun 22 2016 06:00AM

A London lifeboat crew was involved in a two-hour standoff between police and a man who had climbed part of Tower Bridge, in the early hours of this morning (22 June).

The crew from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s Tower lifeboat station were requested to launch just after 2am and stand guard beneath the famous landmark, after a man was spotted walking up and down its curved suspension supports.

By towerrnli, Jun 7 2016 06:00AM

Euro 2016 fans flocking to bars and pubs along the River Thames in London have been urged not to ‘drown their sorrows’ as part the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s (RNLI) Respect the Water safety campaign, launched today (June 9).

Crews from London’s three RNLI lifeboat stations are expecting a busy month, fearing football fans will risk their lives jumping, swimming or even slipping into the Thames, fuelled by alcohol and bravado from watching matches and drinking in pubs along the waterfront.

By towerrnli, May 12 2016 05:00AM

The RNLI today welcomed the Duke of Cambridge to London’s Tower lifeboat station for the launch of a multi-agency taskforce aiming to help tackle the issue of male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.

The Duke was met at the charity’s floating lifeboat station, nestled next to Waterloo Bridge in central London, by volunteer and full-time members of the Tower RNLI lifeboat crew, along with representative from other frontline organisations who are often the first on scene in dealing with self-harm related incidents.

By towerrnli, Apr 21 2016 05:00AM

A woman was saved from drowning in the River Thames in the early hours of this morning after a London RNLI lifeboat crewman heard a splash through a window.

Duty RNLI Helmsman Craig Burn was sat in the crew room of Tower Lifeboat station, nestled next to Waterloo Bridge, at 2.30am this morning when he heard the noise.

Craig, who was in command of Tower lifeboat last night, said: ‘It was the middle of the night and I was feeling a bit sleepy when I heard the sound of a splash coming through a window, which luckily I had kept open. I took a look and saw a perfect ripple circle on the surface of the river. The wind had dropped on and the water was glassy calm.

By towerrnli, Apr 11 2016 05:00AM

Lifeboat crew members in London went to the rescue after a 12-year-old boy fell from the River Thames embankment onto the foreshore 26ft below – the equivalent of a two storey house.

The incident took place on Saturday evening after reports that the child had fallen from the bank near the Cutty Sark pub on Ballast Quay. It is believed he had been playing on the embankment when he slipped and fell onto the ground below.

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