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Soaring temperatures have meant more calls for the lifeboat

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 04:52PM

With June and July's hotter than average weather this year, we launched to people in need of medical attention on a Class V passenger vessel 19 times. These included a 3 year old child hitting their head on a wooden bench as he fell, people suffering from heatstroke, an epileptic fit and binge drinkers.

The crew were also called to the Eye of the Wind (a tall ship) at Greenwich on 24th May. One of the crew on board had been injured and had possibly broken their ankle. The casualty was assessed and needed further attention, although the London Ambulance Service advised that they were unable to task an ambulance at that time. Therefore, the man was extracted from the vessel and escorted to a taxi which then took him to hospital. A few days later the crew who atteneded received a card saying thanking them for the assistance given by the lifeboat crew. The ankle was broken and they also made a donation and have given an open invite for any of the crew to visit them should they be in Jersey.

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