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A land based rescue for a cyclist

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 05:04PM

On 5th June, a member of the Tower crew was leaving the pier after a day shift when he saw that a cyclist had been injured just the other side of Waterloo Bridge. He rang the station and a couple more of the crew walked up the top with the spare casualty care kit. When they reached the injured man, he had an open fracture on one of his arms, as well as a few other injuries and so was immobilised and treated. Eventually an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

The then casualty has since emailed to say that he had a five hour operation to put steel plates and pins in his arm and he feels that the prompt action of the lifeboat crew means that he still has his arm. He lives in Yorkshire but is going to come to the station the next time he is in London to thank those who helped him in person.

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