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By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 06:06PM

At 2000 on 22nd July, crew were called to a person in the water at the London Eye and we arrived on scene to find that the man was in the river under the pontoon close to the river wall. Some excellent helming got the boat inside the booms, and we collapsed the radar and aerials down and just managed to fit under the brow.

The man refused to take a line from a throw bag and was repeatedly attempting to go down under the water. The lifeboat got in in as close as possible and we were able to grab part of the man’s clothing and pull him towards the boat. The crew recovered him into the boat and took him back to Lifeboat Pier. This job was a life saved as the man had refused all help, was only just afloat when we arrived and no other vessel in the area would have been able to get into the position the crew put the lifeboat in.

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 05:59PM

Sunday 8th July, crew were called to a person in the water near Millennium Footbridge. The lifeboat arrived on scene to find that the person was holding onto a small rowing boat that just happened to be passing. He was transferred over to the lifeboat crew but resisted being recovered into the boat. He was clearly very drunk and insisted that he was going back to the shore. Rather than let him swim, it was decided that the lifeboat would make its way slowly to the shore. The man continued to be abusive and aggressive, as was his friend who was waiting for him on the shore. The lifeboat remained on scene until the police officers who had arrived removed them from the area.

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 05:10PM

The night shift of 23rd June the crew were launched on service three times. The first of these was to a person threatening to jump from an old pier near the North Woolwich Ferry Terminal. The lifeboat arrived on scene and started trying to talk to the man, before the police arrived and try to engage with him. Due to the difficulty in extracting the man back along the walk ways onto the jetty, the man was eventually taken onto the lifeboat before being put ashore, five hours after the lifeboat first arrived on scene.

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 05:04PM

On 5th June, a member of the Tower crew was leaving the pier after a day shift when he saw that a cyclist had been injured just the other side of Waterloo Bridge. He rang the station and a couple more of the crew walked up the top with the spare casualty care kit. When they reached the injured man, he had an open fracture on one of his arms, as well as a few other injuries and so was immobilised and treated. Eventually an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

The then casualty has since emailed to say that he had a five hour operation to put steel plates and pins in his arm and he feels that the prompt action of the lifeboat crew means that he still has his arm. He lives in Yorkshire but is going to come to the station the next time he is in London to thank those who helped him in person.

By towerrnli, Aug 27 2018 04:52PM

With June and July's hotter than average weather this year, we launched to people in need of medical attention on a Class V passenger vessel 19 times. These included a 3 year old child hitting their head on a wooden bench as he fell, people suffering from heatstroke, an epileptic fit and binge drinkers.

The crew were also called to the Eye of the Wind (a tall ship) at Greenwich on 24th May. One of the crew on board had been injured and had possibly broken their ankle. The casualty was assessed and needed further attention, although the London Ambulance Service advised that they were unable to task an ambulance at that time. Therefore, the man was extracted from the vessel and escorted to a taxi which then took him to hospital. A few days later the crew who atteneded received a card saying thanking them for the assistance given by the lifeboat crew. The ankle was broken and they also made a donation and have given an open invite for any of the crew to visit them should they be in Jersey.

By towerrnli, Apr 8 2018 01:05PM

At just after 0530 on Saturday 10th March 2018, 3 RNLI crew were called to Battersea Bridge for a woman in the water.

The lifeboat arrived on scene to find that there were already landside police officers present but they were unable to reach the woman who had floated down between two house barges. The gap was too narrow for the lifeboat to fit in and so a life-ring was thrown to her but she was too cold to grab onto it. With no alternative, one of the crew entered the water and made his way to the woman. He took the woman to a nearby ladder and helped the police officers recover her safely.

The London Ambulance Service were also on scene by this time and so the woman was transported straight to an awaiting ambulance.

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