The charity that saves lives at sea...and on the Thames

lifeboat station

As a charity, we rely on the incredible work of our fundraisers and generosity of our supporters to be able to continue saving lives.


We are often asked how much it costs to make sure all the crew have the right kit and how much it costs to run the lifeboat - below are a few examples of some of our costs.


Equipment to key our crews safe:

  • Breathable drysuit: £325

  • Jacket: £349

  • Safety boots: £98

  • Lifejacket (ALB): £368

  • Helmet & comms: £374

  • Thermal top & trousers: £107


And for our boat and station:

  • Collapsible stretcher: £275

  • Spine board: £100

  • Hand-held VHF radio: £80

  • On-board camera: £186

  • Boat repairs, maintenance and fuel: £45,000

  • Station repairs, maintenance and utilities: £25,000

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